Mez'rem Kane

A necromancer from your worst nightmare.


The thing in front of you is as tall as it is lean. Measuring just over seven feet tall it is draped in a hooded robe dark as shadow. Within the darkness of the robe you can strain to see what looks like a bleached skull of a man, lidless, eyeless. It’s pale claw-like hands are wrapped in shadowy silk, one holding a large, slim, black staff while the other hangs stiff, quickly jerking through the air, almost stuttering through time as it’s brought to bare. It wears armor, if you could call it that, a deep rusted gold breastplate adorned with large ruby’s and armor spikes. As it’s robe come into contact with the ground it flairs out with ragged shadow-cloth.
Perhaps the most eerie is the fact that the robe seems animated, not flowing with the wind but each shadowy scrap randomly probing the space around it, subtly twisting and grasping.

It smells deeply of damp soil.


Mez’rem Kane is a powerful master of the necromantic arts. There is a possibility he was trained by a Cabal, but who truly knows?

Mez’rem boasts an incredible aura of terror, which few creatures have been able to stand against. Even powerful creatures find themselves cowered against the sight of the Necromancer.

Mez’rem Kane has proved himself against such foes as Adeleade, Arzimon the Warblade, and The Lich Illithid.


No one s certain what Mez’rem’s origin is, but if asked he mentions a Cabal, murder, and ending up in the Ancient Draconic Empire.

Mez’rem soon discovered an Underground Castle, and from it located the Soul Mirror, and an assistant, Jeeves. Claiming the castle as his own, he set out to acquire the people and funds neccessary to populate his new “School of Undead Education”.

Meeting Jastram Darkaxe, Adeleade, Zeki the Rogue, and Valian Unadeen, the group traveled the lands plundering Dragon Tombs.

Following the destruction of Teymaseqoth (becuase of The Battle of Teymasequoth) he wandered the lands until meeting up with Valian Unadeen who, under the guise of Tyr Lightbringer, assisted him with establishing relations with Roland Black and the re-purposing of a local doom cult to sycophant followers. It’s after this time Mezrem started traveling with what he calls his daughter, Summer.

After parting ways, Mezram began to settle into managing his cult- but was tricked (kind of..) by the crafty (not really..) spirit of Callus resulting in a quick relocation. Falling from the sky, Mezram ran into Francis Fry and came to his aid.

Francis Fry and Mezram have been spotted in Galionopol trying to help the survivors of the wicked storm and Illithid invasion.

Having struck a deal with Gerald the Burner with the aid of Francis Fry, the three of them set off. It’s said they’ve been seen in Muramaud.

Mez'rem Kane

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