Timeline of Aetheria

Elven Age

2000-1900 BDR

The Dragon Age

700-600 BDR

  • 699 BDR- Dragonkind emerge, and conquers all known lands within a year, forming the Dragon Empire.
    Czar’Gor’Rael reigns as Dragon Emperor.
    600-500 BDR
  • 502 BDR Czar’Kaz’Rael succeeds CzarGorRael
    400-300 BDR
  • 323 BDR A coalition of lizardfolk and men use the corruption of their Dragonlord to overthrow him, claiming the plainslands.
  • 340 BDR Czarkazrael retakes the plainslands from local tribes
  • 342 BDR Verrusius is killed by Czarkazrael
  • 311 BDR Arzimon destroys the Duskblade school.
    200-100 BDR
    100-0 BDR
  • 83 BDR-24 ADR Tyr Lightbringer seals fifteen horrible evils away in his Mirror
  • 30 BDR- 0 ADR Dragon Rebellion
  • 30 BDR The first battle of the Dragon Revolution begins in Emberland, on the Ilses of Skelliga. The DragonLord CzarBorIsus is slain by Lareth and Arbalest volley.
  • 27 BDR CzarKazRael raises Emberland to the ground.
  • 20 BDR Lareth is captured in Teymaseqoth.

Human Age

0-100 ADR

Timeline of Aetheria

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