Global Modifiers and Bonuses

House Rules:

  1. Describing your action in detailed stylized verse before rolling grants a +1 to any d20 roll.
  1. EXP Progression is Pathfinder Slow.
  1. We using the alternate Armor as DR from page 111 of the Unearthed Arcana, slightly modified.
    Padded- +1 AC, No DR
    Leather- +1 AC, DR 1/piercing or bludgeoning
    Studded Leather- +2 AC, DR 1/piercing or bludgeoning
    Chain Shirt- +2 AC, DR 2/piercing or bludgeoning
    Hide- +2 AC, DR 1/—
    Scale Mail +2 AC. DR 2/—
    Chainmail +3 AC, DR 2/piercing or bludgeoning
    Breastplate +3 AC, DR 2/bludgeoning
    Splint mail +3 AC, DR 3/piercing or bludgeoning
    Banded mail +3 AC, DR 3/bludgeoning
    Half Plate +4 AC DR 3/piercing or bludgeoning
    Full Plate +4 AC, DR 4/bludgeoning
  1. We are also using Damage Conversion from pg. 112. Whatever your Armor bonus is, convert that much damage into non lethal every time you’re hit. Mind you, only the ARMOR bonus, dodge bonuses don’t count for this, misc. either.
    Nonlethal damage converted this way disappears.

If you have DR from multiple sources they do not stack. They do however, overlap, and can cover the gaps between them.

  1. The Described use of a Helmet in battle provides a +1 AC

In Game Circumstances

  • Natural light range reduced by half. Dawn arrives 1 hour later, Dusk 1 hour earlier.
    The world seems a little more dim than usual.
  • Necromancy Spells +2 Caster level, plus 20% chance any slain creature rises as a zombie in 1d4 rounds. Something’s Not Right here.

Global Modifiers and Bonuses

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