Soul Mirror

Legendary Holder of evil


An ancient device hidden away by Tyr Lightbringer. Contained the souls of fifteen powerful evil entities.

  1. Coursgath
  2. Czar’Kaz’Rael
  3. Ekhart I
  4. Elder Doppelganger
  5. Geoff
  6. Jessiver
  7. Khan
  8. Keth’Mord, Balor Lord
  9. Lord Alk’Lauruen’Ftaghn
  10. Merikel
  11. Ryld Agrith
  12. Samael
  13. The Terrasque
  14. The Wishlord, Glabrezu
  15. Va’Lial

Recently discovered by Mez’rem Kane in an underground fortress, it is rumored that he was the last known possessor of the mirror before it broke.


Soul Mirror

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