Ritza Willow

A swordsage wispling on a journey


Possessor of two of the Nine Swords, Umbral Awn and Eventide’s Edge.

As a young girl in Fennels, Ritza dreamed of leaving to adventure across the world. Fate intervened in the form of Alacrine, a wizard and mentor in the Path of the Nine swords. Taking young Ritza under her wing, he trained her to master martial maneuvers during the Spring of 1296.

Soon, Ritza found herself travelling with Jastram Darkaxe. Together the two helped save Gradec City from a murderous plot. The pair traveled to Salt In Wounds, a mining town that managed to bring down The Terrasque

Friend to Jak’Jak and Jastram Darkaxe.

Ritza Willow

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