Gerald the Burner

A monster hunter from the bitter North.


Known as “Llosgwyr” to the Elves.

Monster Hunter from Locress.

Common knowledge about Gerald

  • Grew up at the Wall with the dead men in the far north of Locress
  • Gerald is a bit of a Scholar and specializes in lore about Monsters
  • Plays a strange brass horn with some proficiency
  • Recently Coronated King Fergus Dal’Gais

Located Sylvia the Petal in the Dwarven Roads.

Monsters Slain

Alchemical Golem x1
Babau x1
Centaur x 3
Chimera x1
Cockatrice x1
Deathshrieker x1
Dire Boar
Green Hag X1
Human x50
Mantacore x1
Skeleton x 8
Werewolf x1
Werewolf Lord x1
Wyvern x1
Vampire Spawn X4
Vrock x 3
Zombie x 4

Gerald the Burner

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