Francis Fry

Halfling Rogue Leader of the Black Arms



If you’re any sort of adventure, chances are you found yourself in a situation where you simply didn’t have the skills required to accomplish a given task. Whether it is to “obtain” a certain object from someone, get somewhere in which you should not be, or simply have someone “removed” with no mess. When faced with such a dilemna, someone always tends to “know a guy.” Francis Fry is this guy, for the right price that is. Although it’s worth noting that he can be quite difficult to find, as is his preference.

Francis is only a little over 3 feet tall, and not terribly strong either. He is however incredibly fast, quick-witted, and excellent at taking advantage of even the smallest weakness in his foes. He is keenly aware of his weaknesses and the tendency of others to underestimate him, this makes him quite dangerous. As a result Francis has developed a fighting style that allows him to press his advantages while minimizing his faults.

He often utilizes what some would call “cheap tricks” to accomplish this. Hit and run tactics, hiding, sneak attacks, deception, treachery, and even traps are all fine examples of stratagem employed by Francis. He utilizes an unorthodox set of tools including but not limited to easily hidden daggers, flasks of acid, poisons, and even marbles. Francis always prefers to engage his foes stealthily either hurling acid at them from a range, or closing the distance to unleash a myriad of well-placed and unexpected slashes from one of his many daggers. Additionally he has keen-eyes, deft hands, sharp wit, agility, and a silver tongue. Francis is an adaptable tactician that can get almost any job done, almost comically at times.


Francis Fry had a strange childhood as far as being a halfling is concerned. His mother left her homeland to live in Galionopol in search of adventure and fulfillment. It was here she met Francis’ father, and the two soon after fell in love. Eventually Francis’ father left the two, leaving Francis with only bittersweet childhood memories of his father.

His Mother struggled to make a living for the two of them, working any odd jobs she could to afford them a leaky, broken down shack in the worst part of Galionopol. it wasn’t long until the stresses of life, and her broken heart took a tole on Francis’ Mother. She became ill, and they didn’t have enough to even figure out what ailed her, no less treat her. This caused Francis, now a young man to join a local gang, The Black Arms.

Within the Black Arm gang Francis quickly proved himself as an exceptional burglar and smuggler, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the predominantly Lizardfolk gang. He was able to use the money he made to care for his mother, however it was too late and she soon passed away. Francis heart-broken and clouded by ambition soon made being in the Black Arm Gang his only driving force in life. He approached Grucks the Cruel, offering to spearhead a movement to expand the Black Arm Gang operations to all of Aetheria. He was shot down promptly however, as Grucks was comfortable with his modest criminal life and the luxuries it afforded him. Francis however was not.

Spurned by the Black Arm Gang , Francis completed one final smuggling trip from Galionopol. Upon returning he pocketed all of the profits, and even went as far as to sell the ship that belonged to Grucks. It wasn’t long before word reached Grucks, and Francis was black listed, which is essentially an order to kill him on site. He fled Galionopol, but not before embarrassing and nearly killing Grucks.

He sailed to the Western wooded part of The Zarantine Empire in search of strong allies to help him overturn the Black Arm so he could take command of it, during which time he had several run ins with the Knights of Valois. He saw the kind of torment the knights put the peasants through. It was at this time he started to become aware of just how truly shit the world was. It made him sick to his stomach.

However after searching, he allied himself with Mez’rem Kane, a powerful necromancer, who he guesses was strong because of how everyone he talked to warned against allying himself with such a “monster.” Francis however took quite a liking Mez’zrem and together the two of them toppled the Black Arms Gang, as well as humiliated an old adversary of Mez’zrem’s. The two of them fueled by ambition and loose morality seek to rebuild the Zarantine empire into something akin to a land of free cities, and liberated people who can pursue things that wouldn’t normally be allowed in Aetheria. As for whether or not they’ll even come close, that’s to be determined.

Francis Fry

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