Fergus Dal'Gais

King of Tala'Ishal, King of Scealaga



Fergus Dal’Gais studied Academia, Knightly Combat, and Diplomacy as a child, mentored by Warwick the tutor.

During his time in the Crusades, Fergus proved himself a capable commander of men, and a formidable opponent.

Fergus has proved himself against such opponents as Brand the Damned, Aborgair, the Boar, The Marquis, and Yonder Redbones.

Fergus has two Dogs, Colin and Duncan.


Member of the House of Dal’Gais. Born 1275 ADR in the Kingdom of Tala’Ishal, Emberland in the Kingdom of Tala’Ishal. King of Tala’Ishal, King of Scealaga, High Lord of Carklow, and Crusader of Correllon.


Born in late in the summer of 1275 to King Donnchadh of Tala’Ishal, Fergus is the youngest of the three sons of Donnchadh. Fergus, raised and tutored at his home, excelled in his studies becoming well versed in Embrish history and law, as well as horsemanship and warfare. Being the third son of the King of Tala’Ishal, Fergus had expected to only inherit a portion of his father’s land to raise his own family and live on. Fergus’ expectations were shattered after his actions during George’s Rebellion saw King Ruperikt I grant him a small barony in County Bywood.

After George I’s bid for vengeance against Fergus, and his subsequent death, Fergus joined the Crusade under the banner of House Black.

Fergus Dal'Gais

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