Dread Pirate Roberts

A scrappiest pirate on the sea!



Roberts training began long before she even held the mantle of the Dread Pirate Roberts, under The Former Dread Pirate Roberts. Upon his capture, She took up his name and the quest to rescue him.

Roberts is a middling swordsman, falling back against trained warriors and experts. Yet her command of Naval combat is unprecedented. under her command, her ship has come against foe after foe on the open waves.

Roberts has prove herself against such foes as Estella Killjoy, Yonder Redbones, and Serivus, the Leviathan.


When the Dread Pirate Roberts captured young …, he never expected her to become an able member of the crew. Soon enough…

When Syn Luchensen and Serivus, the Leviathan attacked their fleet, the Swiftwinds was sunk, and the crew lost to sea.

Undaunted, the little girl took up the mantle, and became the Dread Pirate herself.

Soon finding a bounty hunter after her, James “Sharkbite” Corringson, she quickly persuaded him to join her crew, though it was just the two of them.

Proceeding on her way aboard her dinghy, they were assaulted at sea by a Great Tempest, and barely skirted the storm.

Soon she found Kaw Featherbottom, locked in a Baron’s personal menagerie. Freeing him, he decided to join her crew.

Arriving at the city of Al’Bida in 1296, Roberts found herself embroiled in a deadly plot between ADE forces, rebelling monks, and Sam, the Bartender to ddecide the fate of Sinai, who survived The Battle of Teymasequoth, and needed a way out of the city. Roberts helped him to Cyprae Island, and convinced Sam to join the crew.

Yet trouble was soon to follow, as Serivus, the Leviathan took note of the trouble they caused, and pursued them once more. They battled at sea when both ships were overtook by a Great Tempest. The Rummybeard was sunk.

Eventually coming to an island, she discovered the crazed hermit Wazzlefort
, who led her by magic back to Cyprae island before joining her crew. There she met Sinai, who repaid her kindness by giving her the best ship in his fleet, which she named The Casablanca.

The Casablanca sank in summer of 1296, at the Battle of Skelligan Isles, aiding Lord Fergus Dal’Gais. Roberts also lost the little finger on her right hand in a duel against Yonder Redbones. She soon commissioned a new Great-ship be built, the Sharkfort.

As of 1296, is officially one of the 10 Most Wanted Pirates on the seas.

Dread Pirate Roberts

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