Avery of Bywood

A brutal Ranger from Logeria



Avery of Bywood was trained by William of Bywood as a ranger. As such she has become a master of wilderness survival.

Avery prides herself on being a capable hand-to-hand fighter, winning the Fist Fighting Tournament in Karthas City.

Following her capture by Colonel Hurey, Avery’s left arm was replaced with a warforged one, and she became a half-golem. This imbued her with a variety of abilities, armor, and strength.

Avery has proved herself in combat against such foes as Revvis Dal’Gais, Arzimon the Warblade, and Colonel Metterix.



Daughter of William of Bywood and Aledania of Shawood. Born in 1261, in Sha-wood forest. Avery knew little of her mother, and was raised by her father to be a competent ranger. When she came of age, she joined her father in tutoring the young boys of Bywood in forestry, taking personal mentoring of the Count’s son, the little lord Black, Roland.

In 1290, William of Bywood passed away.

In 1291, Roland departed for The Second Crusade against Avery’s wishes.

The Embrish Knight

Two years later, a raid on Bywood’s towns led by Revvis Dal’Gais led to Count Robert Black tasking Avery with bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Setting out, Avery came across a town….


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Avery of Bywood

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