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Of Dwarves and Gold, The Tinkerer
Session 3

1,200 xp
+100 To Franics and Gerald
+250 for Mez’Rem

Previously Of Dwarves and Gold, The Diseased.

Mez’Rem, Francis and Gerald burn the pit of dead bodies behind Mercer’s house, releasing the demon that inhabited it. Tracking it’s progress southwards, they confronted the demon in the same field as the Ambush of Kesshel Sands.


Aided by the odd warforged Crazyplates, they dispatched the demon, and Gerald counciled the barbarian.

Making their way South, the group made their way to Muramaud. Encountering King Garold I, they were welcomed into the city in royal fashion.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Count Von Zarovich
Session 5

Previously The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Madness of Strahd

…returning to Ravenloft, Avery and Jastram set out to the Chapel room to confront the madness. Locating Kolyan Indirovich, the group dispatched the Shapeless Shroud of Strahd, restoring the peace of the castle.


Strahd, restored to sanity, gifted each of his saviors with a boon before the group set out on their journey…

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, Castle Ravenloft
Session 4

Previously The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Madness of Strahd.

Avery and Jastram ventured through Castle Ravenloft, thieving as they went before encountering The Shapeless Spawn in the Audience hall. Dispatching the aberration, the pair continued throughout the castle before encountering a starving knight, Lord Soth. The enemy of my enemy is my ally, and so the group encountered Strahd again, and fought off the mad Vampire.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Madness of Strahd
Session 3

Previous session The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, To Southern Fennels

Avery and Jastram make their way through the Svalich woods, encountering a Mad Vampire who engaged them. Fending him off, the pair entered Barovia village. Finding the village quaint yet unsettling, they found out from his children that the Burgomeister was not present, but had left on business to Castle Ravenloft.

On the advice of the Townsfolk, they sought out the revered Madam Eva, leader of the Vistani troupe in Barovia. The old woman mumbled barely coherently, yet Jastram sensed the presence of old elven magic in her cards.

Encountering Kavan the Grim again they were escorted into the castle itself, which was hostile to intruders. Defeating a horde of Gargoyles and Stone Dragons, The pair soon came face to face with Strahd Von Zarovich himself.


The Throne of the White Raven, The Fortress
Session 2

Previously, The Throne of the White Raven, The Voyage.

Fergus arrives at his encampment by Dun Farraige.

Things quickly went south, raiding the nearby villages gave him only 7 days worth of food for his army. His Bard was captured on mission, and his scouting fleet was attacked.

The army of Rael soon appeared, and joined forces with Finnlin Cathaigh, leaning the odds against Fergus

In an effort to convince the surrounding populace to turn to his side, Fergus had a false Crown of the White Raven forged, and soon set out to parade it across Ardnochach.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, To Southern Fennels
Session 2

Avery and Jastram make their way through Fennels, hoping to speak with the mad Kolyan Indiirovich.

On their way they encounter a horrific sight, after dispatching a pair of owlbears, they find a dying adventurer, whose life appears t be slipping away. Investigation proved this to be the work of Franz Herb Louis, who departed without a word, leavng only a single Golden key behind.

The pair made their way to Falffel Manor to find the Lowly King engaged in a celebration of Fennel’s Independence, and soon joined in the celebration, and in the morning, Avery was knighted.

The pair went on their way, eventually passing the border of the Svalich woods, into Barovia…

Of Dwarves and Gold, The Diseased
Session 2

800 xp awarded.

Previously Of Dwarves and Gold, The Proposal

Gerald, Mez’Rem and Francis journey to the audience of Sultan Bayaz and his regent, Muraud Kamal. Invoking the ire of the regent, Mez’Rem offered him a Cornucopia of Plenty in exchange for 10 minutes with Delion-Amen, the mercenary that Franz Herb Louis referred them to.

Finding the prisoner to be preferable to the regent, they decided to bust him out. Sneaking through the sewers to a half complete tunnel that the Black Arms Gang had started, the party encountered a Devil Steed attempting to reach Delion. Defeating it and it’s Berbalang crew, they released Delion and escaped back to their base.


Delion-Amen told them of the location of the Dwarven entrance, “Two miles West of Naranzib, across the river, and ten miles north.”. He told them of three specialists he ignored before he attempted last time, Brita Oestro, Pinker Bachin, and Morzul Darkhunter. The group also agreed to aid Delion in a matter he needed to take care of at the southern border of New Drach. The group quickly departed.

Travelling towards Naranzib by land route through Kesshel, the group found and laid to rest a trio of executed elves. Following a trail of desiccation, they found a small town named Calota, under the charge of a corrupt guard captain. Dispatching him quickly, the group released a strange warforged and realized the town was under a much worse state than they had thought….

The Throne of the White Raven, The Voyage
Session 1

1100 Xp given to Fergus

Fergus Dal’Gais sat in judgement in his hall in fall of 1296. Sinnaminwind returned with grave news, his request to King Conna Rinnach went unheeded, and the bard reported the King to be mad.

Taking his retinue to Carklow, Fergus was ambushed, falling into the Sidhe and battling an unusual Icy Troll.

Fergus gathered his me, and set off sailing north towards Ardnochach. Upon his arrival, he saw his men set up in camp by the shore, the fortress flying the colors of King Rinnach, and a Vrock, flying far above the ocean to the North.

The Balor was coming….

Of Dwarves and Gold, The Proposal
Session 1

Gerald the Burner makes his way to Galionopol, to speak a proposal to Francis Fry. Entering the city, Gerald made short work of a pair of aggressive guards harassing a local. Breaking his wrist on a man’s face, Gerald strung up the two unconscious in the slums.

Francis and Mez’rem, meanwhile, sorted through the great deal of cash required to rebuild Galionopol. Hearing Gerald’s claim, the group decided to loot the ancient vault together and split the profits.

Hearing of the capture of Delion-Amen, the group dressed in their finest to head to the court of the Sultan.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The King of Logeria
Session 1

Avery and Jastram have entered the city of Great Drach in the Fall of 1296; both preparing to attempt stopping Ekhart I. Meeting at the Arena of Great Drach, a clandestine meeting of The Five remaining Knights ends, and the pair discuss their options with their few allies.

Avery and Jastram successfully freed the imprisoned Robert I, though not without alerting the city guard, and fled by foot to the wilderness, eventually escaping to Fennels.

800 xp for rescue

400 xp for the session


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