Heroes v3.5

Of Dwarves and Gold, Warforged
Session 4

Francis Fry, Gerald the Burner, and Mez’rem Kane make their way into Muramaud where the group is confused when King Garold I gives Mezrem a royal welcome.

After settling into the city and talking with the King about their plans our heroes split up.

Gerald goes with the king on a hunt and nearly get overwhelmed by giant scorpion, but in the end prove successful.

Francis combs the streets, looking for any signs of the Gnomish tinkerer they set off to find originally. During his investigation Francis noticed he was being tailed and set up a trap for his pursuer, leaving them pant-less and bound in an Inn.

Mezrem took the chance to practice his Dragon Words and accidentally uncovered a secret society of Pazuzu within the city. When he went exploring to combat it, however, he stumbled unto something a fair bit more sinister.

Having gained entry into a secret lair Mezrem finds the Gnomish tinkerer along with several Warforged. The alarm is raised, and he begins to fight.

Francis, having finished his search, gets back to the castle to see it is on high alert. He sneaks his way into the secret passage with the aid of a scroll and his sneaky sneak powers only to find Mezrem and the Gnome looking for escape.

At this time Gerald and the King return from their successful hunt to the highly alerted castle. The guards demanded he hand over his weapons and come with them. Gerald did none of those things. He ran, to the walls, and started climbing down. Bully for you Gerald.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the secret passageway, Francis and Mezrem work with the Gnomish tinkerer to find an escape. With a mixture of science, magic, and really cool words, the three managed to save some elves, some warforged, and even did some damage to the castles lower levels, opening a hole to the outside.

Gerald, having now seen the hole, joins the rest where, together, they hijack a ship to make their escape. Elves and warforged in tow.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight; The Dead Fort
Session 9

Avery and Jastram defend the Dead Fort against an incoming invasion of the Ice Creatures fron the North.

Afterwards, the pair discovered that an infection caused by contact with the enemies had spread it’s way through their ranks.

Travelling north, the pair fought a Frost Worm and found that Last Hearth had been overrun by ice creatures.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Chocobo Farm
Session 8

Escaping the Prison, Avery and Jastram made their way towards Solomon’s tower.

Sensing someone following them, the pair ambushed two Dragonblooded Sorcerers who were ineffectively set on their trail, leaving the two to escape.

After a brief rest a the Tower, Avery, Jastram, Ditani, Solomon, and Crazyplates set out towards the Dead Fort. While in a nearby town, they found a Racing Bird, a curiously fast and yellow creature, escaping it’s handlers. Wrangling the bird, the group returned to help out the owner of the farm, a man named Catimer.

Tracking a local Giant, the pair convinced it to avoid the farm.

Soon, they departed for the Dead Fort, and found it in the middle of an attack. They quickly went to aid, defeating a Frost Giant Mage as the battle went on.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Prison of Volkyn
Session 7

Still transcribing the Warforged Ledgers, Avery and Jastram quickly sense trouble, and prod Magister Folson for answers. The Abjurer admitted that the two were indeed in for a trap, and that their remaining allies had already been captured.

The pair devised a plan to infiltrate the enemy, as Jastram disguised as a shadow, hid inside of Avery’s Warforged arm, and Avery willingly surrendered herself.

While imprisoned, Jastram used his Shadow Form to explore the facility, springing the whole group free.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Warforged
Session 6

Previously The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Count Von Zarovich

Avery and Jastram make their way North out of Barovia, into the Seven Magic Imperiums. Soon, they find the Warforged cavalcade that is heading south into Fennels, and Avery’s party reunite.

Calming a town that was hostile to the group, Avery and the group part ways with the warforged, ad continue to Baleah in Abjurant, to find the new Magister of abjuration, Magister Folson.

Finding the Magister unusual, the pair worked out a deal to copy all remaining notes on the Warfoged program…

Of Dwarves and Gold, The Tinkerer
Session 3

1,200 xp
+100 To Franics and Gerald
+250 for Mez’Rem

Previously Of Dwarves and Gold, The Diseased.

Mez’Rem, Francis and Gerald burn the pit of dead bodies behind Mercer’s house, releasing the demon that inhabited it. Tracking it’s progress southwards, they confronted the demon in the same field as the Ambush of Kesshel Sands.


Aided by the odd warforged Crazyplates, they dispatched the demon, and Gerald counciled the barbarian.

Making their way South, the group made their way to Muramaud. Encountering King Garold I, they were welcomed into the city in royal fashion.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Count Von Zarovich
Session 5

Previously The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Madness of Strahd

…returning to Ravenloft, Avery and Jastram set out to the Chapel room to confront the madness. Locating Kolyan Indirovich, the group dispatched the Shapeless Shroud of Strahd, restoring the peace of the castle.


Strahd, restored to sanity, gifted each of his saviors with a boon before the group set out on their journey…

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, Castle Ravenloft
Session 4

Previously The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The Madness of Strahd.

Avery and Jastram ventured through Castle Ravenloft, thieving as they went before encountering The Shapeless Spawn in the Audience hall. Dispatching the aberration, the pair continued throughout the castle before encountering a starving knight, Lord Soth. The enemy of my enemy is my ally, and so the group encountered Strahd again, and fought off the mad Vampire.


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