Heroes v3.5

Of Dwarves and Gold, The Proposal
Session 1

Gerald the Burner makes his way to Galionopol, to speak a proposal to Francis Fry. Entering the city, Gerald made short work of a pair of aggressive guards harassing a local. Breaking his wrist on a man’s face, Gerald strung up the two unconscious in the slums.

Francis and Mez’rem, meanwhile, sorted through the great deal of cash required to rebuild Galionopol. Hearing Gerald’s claim, the group decided to loot the ancient vault together and split the profits.

Hearing of the capture of Delion-Amen, the group dressed in their finest to head to the court of the Sultan.

The Lost Purple Dragon Knight, The King of Logeria
Session 1

Avery and Jastram have entered the city of Great Drach in the Fall of 1296; both preparing to attempt stopping Ekhart I. Meeting at the Arena of Great Drach, a clandestine meeting of The Five remaining Knights ends, and the pair discuss their options with their few allies.

Avery and Jastram successfully freed the imprisoned Robert I, though not without alerting the city guard, and fled by foot to the wilderness, eventually escaping to Fennels.

800 xp for rescue

400 xp for the session

To Rakshasa, The Battle
Session 2

Finding herself aboard the fast ship of Lord Jaheel, Ritza Willow travels to the island of Dveep Nau Talavaaren, to acquire Cardamom for the Wonder Chef to make Curry with.

Attacked by Sahaugin and a sea troll, Ritza learned that the Tiger Lord was in possession of one of the Nine Swords, Tiger Fang.

Journeying to the island, Ritza recovered the spice, as well as located an unusual sky temple settled at the highest point.

Returning to Lord Jaheel’s manse, the stage was set and the Wonder Chef was put on his trial preparing the Curry for Lord Jaheel, who intended to lie about the contest, failing them no matter what. Yet the food was too good, and the Wonder Chef was not worried, as lying about such good food was impossible.

“Curry is done.”

The pair were free to leave, yet the Lord upped the stakes, wagering the slaves in his service and the Tiger Fang against the two swords of Ritza’s, Umbral Awn and Eventide’s Edge.

Ritza was paired to battle Lord Jaheel’s bodyguard Retina. The two battled in the Lord’s private arena, with Ritza the victor.

“The Battle with Retina”

With Three of the Nine Swords in hand, Ritza departed with her ship, heading to make her way back to Fennels…

Testing the Waters, The Leviathan
Session 7, Finale

Mez’rem Kane traverses the planes to return to the beleaguered Francis Fry aboard the Blue Bulwark.

As Francis ran deck to deck aboard the sinking Greatship, rallying the remaining soldiers to man the few Bombards that remained, Mez’Rem returned with a force of his Cultists to engage the beast. A careful blast to the Leviathan’s eye from Francis (Legendary Natural 20) felled the beast as it sank back to the depths.

With the calming waves settling around them, the group manned lifeboats and sailed back to Galionopol, to find the city now in the hands of the Old Guard, with the successful routing of the Knights of Valois, and with the untimely death of Sultan Ketopolous. His nephew succeeded him, a youth of 8 years of age.

With the rain ceased, the group adventured into the Sewers finally to root out the slug menace. Finding the expansive sewers emptied, they located a great glowing brain in a vat, spewing the slugs forth. Attempting to drain it’s sanity drove Mez’Rem catatonic, and Francis had to dodge a hurricane of rocks to overturn the vat and destroy the brain. Upon it’s destruction, all living slugs died. Returning to the city victorious, the pair went to the palace.

Recognizing their achievements and their help, Muraud Kamal awarded the pair with a boon of 100,000 GP.

In the Black Arms Holdout, the Illithid Lich came to surrender and state terms, yet was dismembered and his unliving head affixed to Mez’Rem’s belt, unable to unleash it’s psionic attacks in the range of the Darkskull. Safely at base without imminent threats, the Black Arms gang and it’s primary investor began to relax, as a message came from Garrosei; someone was coming with an offer to talk…

Testing the Waters, The Factions of Galionopol
Session 6

Mez’rem Kane and Francis Fry set out into the Cessian Sea south of Galionopol, to find the source of the Strange Weather, this time with help.

Returning to Gelionopol, wetted but alive, the group sought the help of the Knights of Valois and the Old Guard of Galionopol to recruit the aid of a ship large enough to traverse the waters and winds. Striking a deal with the Old Guard Captain, Muraud Kamal, to betray the Knights of Valois by taking their flagship and a retinue of their men out of the city. The plan was to destroy the Eastern Defensive Tower held by the Old Guard, feigning a strike on their bulk. The plan succeeded, and the group departed.

Sailing aboard the Valoian Greatship The Blue Bulwark, the group encountered a great Serpentine beast in the sea. In a terse encounter, the Captain of the Ship was revealed to be mentally overtaken by the abomination that the Illithid had brought. In the struggle, Mez’Rem Kane was swallowed whole, leaving Francis to rally to frenzied troops…

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